Polly Smith-Blackwell

Licensed Timber Rattlesnake Handler


To schedule an educational Timber Rattlesnake presentation for your group or organization, contact Polly Smith-Blackwell

Polly Smith-Blackwell

Polly Smith-Blackwell is a New York State licensed Timber Rattlesnake handler, and has been observing, studying and photographing Timber Rattlesnakes in their natural habitat for more than 20 years. She also responds to calls to relocate snakes that have strayed too far from their summer range.

Polly consults with the NYSDEC, herpetologists, field biologists, and fellow snake enthusiasts about Timber Rattlesnake biology, research and ongoing conservation efforts in the Northeast. She leads field hikes for The Nature Conservancy, and attends annual conferences and meetings to gain further knowledge about Timber Rattlesnakes.

Polly also gives educational presentations about the Timber Rattlesnake to groups and organizations (some listed below).

• Biology of Pitvipers Symposium - Tulsa, OK

• Boy Scout Troops

• Broadway Elementary School Girls' Program - Elmira, NY

• Local Service Clubs - Elmira, NY

• Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum - Elmira, NY

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